Redesigning SNV's website for enhanced engagement and impact

SNV is a global development partner driven by a vision of a better world: a world where all people live with dignity and have equal opportunities to thrive sustainably. They aim to make this a reality through their mission to strengthen capacities and catalyze partnerships in the countries they are rooted in. By doing so, SNV aims to transform the agri-food, energy, and water systems to enable sustainable and more equitable lives for all.

Their work goes beyond the implementation of impactful projects - together with actors and partners - towards a deeper, more lasting change. They work towards system-transformation, and they make sure to build capacities for a long-lasting impact beyond project finalization.  

A crucial step in their strategy to better engage with stakeholders, showcase their projects and expertise, and foster meaningful connections within the sector was a complete redesign of their current website ( 

Therefore, SNV embarked on a journey to transform their current website into a more effective, modern, and engaging platform. The ambitious project aimed to not only improve the organization's positioning within the sector but also enhance user experiences. To accomplish these goals, SNV sought the expertise of a qualified website development company with a proven track record in website- and platform development. 

SNV and Twentyseven  

Recognizing the complex nature of website redesign and development, SNV emphasized the importance of collaborative project management practices. Twentyseven was expected to work closely with SNV's team, ensuring effective communication, transparency, and adherence to timelines and milestones, all in an Agile process. 


Storyblok's CMS (Content Management System) offers SNV a streamlined content management experience, allowing their team to easily create, edit and publish content across the website. Its intuitive user interface, robust authoring capabilities and live preview simplified the process, enabling SNV to efficiently manage their extensive range of content from project descriptions, news articles to an extensive knowledge center and partner-related information. This streamlined workflow frees up valuable time for SNV's team, empowering them to focus on creating impactful content and facilitated seamless collaboration among SNV's team members, allowing them to work concurrently on different sections of the website, ensuring faster turnaround times and efficient content updates. 

Live Preview

Storyblok's visual editing capabilities enhanced SNV's content creation process. With its intuitive drag-and-drop interface, SNV's team can easily arrange and customize content blocks, creating visually appealing pages without relying heavily on technical expertise. Moreover, the live preview feature of Storyblok offers the content management team the ability to visualize changes in real-time, greatly enhancing their content creation process. The component-based structure of the website and Storyblok allows the team to construct their content like building blocks, ensuring versatility and ease of use. The preview mode can be accessed with a single mouse click and can be shared with others, facilitating collaboration and feedback.    


Using Nuxt, Storyblok, Netlify, and a headless architecture, Twentyseven has built a solid foundation for modern web applications, leveraging the front-end capabilities of the Nuxt framework, the effortless deployment, security, and hosting of Netlify, and the flexibility of a headless architecture. This dynamic tech stack combined the best of each platform, empowering SNV to deliver a performant, modern, engaging, and future-ready website that aligns with their strategic objectives.  

Netlify logo

Composable setup

Storyblok's ecosystem of integrations and APIs provides SNV with endless possibilities to enhance their website's functionality. The CMS seamlessly integrates with various third-party tools, such as Google Analytics, Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software and Email services, enabling SNV to gain valuable insights, offer career opportunities and automate marketing efforts. Additionally, Storyblok's developer-friendly environment allowed Twentyseven to extend the CMS's capabilities and create custom solutions tailored to their unique requirements.  

Content Migration

One of the critical parts of the project was the seamless migration of their extensive content collection from the previous CMS to Storyblok. Recognizing the magnitude of this task, Twentyseven, in collaboration with SNV, set up a comprehensive and ambitious content migration plan.  

Twentyseven created automation scripts, using Storyblok's Content Management API that facilitated the successful migration of a vast collection of more than 11,000 migrated assets and over 6,400 content pages. Throughout the migration process Twentyseven needed to filter out a lot of duplicate assets, enhance content and map original content to the new website layout. SNV's team closely monitored the progress and meticulously validated the transferred content to guarantee its integrity and consistency. This diligent approach ensured that all assets, including images, documents, and multimedia files, were successfully migrated to Storyblok, preserving the richness and diversity of SNV's digital resources.  

In Conclusion

In conclusion, the collaboration between SNV and Twentyseven resulted in the creation of a modern, engaging, and future-ready website, perfectly aligned with SNV's strategic objectives.   
By empowering SNV with the capability to manage and enhance their content with ease, Twentyseven has ensured that SNV can focus on their primary mission - driving sustainable development and making a lasting impact. The transformed website serves as a testament to their shared vision and the power of innovative technology in amplifying the reach and effectiveness of organizations like SNV.